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Skydiving Center Location

The skydiving center is located at the heart of Alentejo, at the ANAC certified airfield of Monte da Azinheira Grande. It's 140km from Lisbon.

Location Map

Arrive by car

To get to the airfield you have several options, and to go by car is the most comfortable. The trip from Lisbon takes approximately 1 hour. We have a free and safe parking in the skydive center.

From Lisboa or from Algarve

Welcome to our skydive center operational base. We hope you enjoy it here, as much as we do.

Other Options

Skydive Europe Transfer

Skydive Europe provides a transfer service from Lisbon to Figueira dos Cavaleiros and back to Lisbon. This service is very comfortable.

  • 1 to 4 persons – 150€
  • more than 4 persons – 150€ + 25€/person.

Public transports

To get to Figueira dos Cavaleiros you can also use public transportation. You can go by bus to Figueira dos Cavaleiros and then by taxi to the airfield. Another option is to go by train to Beja and then by bus to Figueira dos Cavaleiros.


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