Tandem Jumps

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Your experience is about to start, if you have not tried a tandem jump, embark on this experience that will change your life, invite your friends, brand your hotel, reserve your weekend to have a few days full of adventure in the air and land. On the way to Tandem jumps is your new adventure, which you can already mark. Let's jump?

Tandem Jumps

Best experience ever

The Tandem Best Price is the skydiving jump performed at 3000 meters. This Tandem skydive jump in Portugal is the lowest jump available, therefore is the one with the most reduced freefall time. This means that when you start to enjoy the unique feeling or flying, the parachute opens! 
125,00 €
Online only

The Tandem Prestige is the skydiving jump performed at 5000 meters of altitude. For those who want to go higher, this is the real excitement, the ultimate adrenaline tandem experience. There are not a lot of places in Europe where you can jump from 5000 meters, most stop at 4000 meters. 
179,00 €

The Tandem Extreme is a skydiving jump performed at 4200 meters high. Is the best combination of adrenaline/price. This is a jump where you really enjoy the feeling of freedom and energy. You will experience a shot of adrenaline running all over your body! 
159,00 €
Online only




#océunãoéolimiteéopontodepartida There are 21 years of history, the oldest school of Free Fall in Portugal .

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