Your experience is about to begin, if you have not tried a Tandem jump, embark on this experience that will change your life, invite your friends, brand your hotel, reserve your weekend to have a few days full of adventure in the air and land. On the way to Tandem jumps is your new adventure, which you can already mark. Let's jump?

QUEDA LIVRE was established in 1998 by Mário Pardo, the most renowned skydiver, and Portuguese Base Jumper; it is an organization that is primarily engaged in air-related activities, with special focus on skydiving.

Since then it develops its activity, with particular emphasis on the aspect of School, having formed hundreds of students to date. All instructors are qualified and certified in the activities they play on, as well as all school equipment comply with the regulations, being periodically inspected and authenticated.

QUEDA LIVRE is the most popular school in Portugal, for all who wish to fly higher and have their own wings!

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