Fun Jumpers

Fun Jumpers

Fun Jumpers All flights at 15.000ft

9mint / comfortable / load organizers

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Fun Jumpers

Super fast airplane more comfortable.
Fly at 15,000ft

- Initial briefing.
- All material necessary for the practice of the activity.
- Personal injury insurance against liability.

IMAGE SERVICES (video and photos):
Handycam service is available, that is, the instructor himself will carry a wrist camera and produce the images in a closer and more personal perspective. As the camera is taken by the instructor himself, his jump will be filmed from the moment he prepares to board the plane until the moment of landing.

1 year from date of purchase.

Will be sent by email or post.

Minimum age: To make a parachute jump the minimum age is 16 years.
Maximum age: There is no maximum age for jumping.
Weight Limit: 100 Kg. People weighing over this amount should contact us before purchasing the jump.

Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy

Parachute Heels for People with Special Needs:
Come jump with us! We have the special equipment needed for parachuting with people with reduced mobility.

We use the most advanced and safe parachute in the industry, the Sigma Tandem, made by United Parachute Technologies, the company that created the most parachuting innovations.

The PAC 750 XL manufactured by Pacific Aerospace has a capacity of 17 passengers, with a 750 hp turboprop turbine. Probably the best plane for skydiving activities on the current market. We are also the official European dealer for Pacific Aerospace.

Cessna 210-5, manufactured by Cessna one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world with a capacity of 5 passengers. In its segment, this plane is one of the most used for skydiving. From time to time we also operate a Cessna 182 with a capacity of 4 passengers.

After purchasing the voucher, it will be sent by email or post.
To book the skydive you should contact us by phone or email us with your choice of date and time.
Phone: +351 210 190 952
TM: +351 938 801 345

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